Support and FAQ

Technical Support
If you have licensing or other account related issues, feel free to contact us via email (info@mainsequencesoftware.com).

If you require technical assistance or have questions about your gear, please feel free to post on our support forum.

Getting Started...

Sequence Generator Pro Online Help

Sequence Generator Pro PDF Manual

Mosaic and Framing Wizard

  • Fetching the target area (canvas)
  • Specifying camera data
  • Selecting the area to image
  • Creating a sequence

Profile and Sequence Creation

  • Creating a Profile
  • Creating a sequence with a profile
  • Creating a profile with a sequence

User Contributions
  • Plate solving, target acquisition and auto-centering video by Harry (from Harry's AstroShed)
  • The first week with SGPro tutorial (focusing, target framing, sequencing and flips by Alex McConahay)
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