Sequence Generator Feature Comparison

Sequence Generator Lite can use and coordinate a wide variety of cameras and filter wheels. Without spending a dime, we offer you the ability to create and execute complex imaging sequences. The table below is designed to show key differences and valuable features you will get by upgrading to the "pro" version of Sequence Generator.

  SG Lite SG Pro
Major Features
Save profiles for your gear no yes
Create multi-target sequences yes yes
Automatic In-Sequence Centering1 no yes
In-sequence Auto-Focus no yes
Automated target framing1 no yes
Automated meridian flip1,3 no yes
Mosaic planning wizard: Create complex mosaics just by drawing a square!5 no yes
Powerful event notifications through email and Good Night System5 no yes
Telescope centering with the click of a mouse1 no yes
Powerful, rules based focus engine no yes
Create multi-target sequences yes yes
Create sequence events based on other existing events no yes
Save your sequences to disk (including progress) no yes
Start or stop imaging your targets (or sequence) at specific times no yes
Automatically restart your image when there are guiding errors3 no yes
Control of image name and path patterns no yes
Custom message reminders on sequence start yes yes
Custom pause message reminders attached to any event no yes
Sequence pause and resume yes yes
Save the current sequence as an equipment profile no yes
Park your mount when the sequence completes no yes
Park your mount as a function of any sequence event (before or after it starts) no yes
Stop PHD2 Guiding when the sequence completes no yes
Pause PHD2 Guiding during auto focus no yes
Warm the camera when the sequence completes no yes
Grade images in real time (HFR) no yes
Automatic sequence recovery (will attempt to recover and restart your sequence if something goes wrong) no yes
Run custom user scripts before or after any sequence event (both exe and vbs) no yes
Delay sequence start until the camera is at the specified temperature no yes
Delay camera cooling until the sequence starts (for delayed sequences) no yes
Hardware Control
Use ASCOM, QSI, SBIG, Apogee, FLI, Atik, QHY, SX, Canon, Nikon and Moravian cameras yes yes
Use ASCOM Filter Wheels yes yes
Use ASCOM Focusers, Telescopes and Rotators no yes
Use ASCOM Observatories (both Domes and Roll Off Roof types) no yes
Nudge/move your ASCOM compliant telescope no yes
Interface with PHD2, AstroArt or MetaGuide for dithering yes yes
Control your camera's TEC yes yes
High speed image download (for supported cameras) =yes yes
Control your telescope with your iPhone, iPad or Android device2 no yes
Control your Alnitak flat box no yes
Slow cool down/warm up of camera TEC no yes
Directly access ASCOM hardware without using the ASCOM Chooser yes yes
Support for TEMPerHUM devices no no
Support for SBIG integrated guider cameras (both onboard and remote guide head) yes yes
Support for ASCOM Weather Stations in order to make sure your equipment stays safe yes yes
Focus Control
Auto focus (Whole image HFR) no yes
Software controlled "between frames" temperature compensation no yes
User defined focus reminders no yes
Whole image HFR measurement no yes
Temperature compensation trainer no yes
Easy to use manual focus aid no yes
Plate Solving
Plate solve reference images to set your target's location1 no yes
Center on images from Flickr and AstroBin1 no yes
Blind solve reference images using Astrometry.NET's blind solver4 no yes
Plate solve the current scope position (and sync the telescope)1 no yes
Automatically slew to a target's location1 no yes
"Right Click" image to center on a specific area of a captured image1 no yes
"Right Click" image to center on a specific area of an opened FITS file1 no yes
User Interface
"Big" Status Window yes yes
Automatic image stretching yes yes
Image statistics yes yes
Multiple Image Interface (Keep multiple images open at once) yes yes
Option to open new images in new windows yes yes
Image "Pan and Zoom" control using an image thumbnail yes yes
Open all known 16-bit FITS images for inspection yes yes
View a graph of your PHD2 guiding error3 no yes
Highly customizable User Interface yes yes
Automatically calculate "Ideal Exposure Time" yes yes
Customizable "auto stretch" levels yes yes
Flats Calibration Wizard: Calculate and save flats exposure lengths with the click of a button no yes
Create a "Flats Sequence" based on your "Lights Sequence" no yes
FITS Image Grader: Analyze your image set for quality no yes
Embed user and location data in your image files (FITS header) no yes
Import observation plans from AstroPlanner and Starry Nights no yes
Comprehensive API so you can write your own applications or add-ons using SGPro no yes
Cost Free! Only $99 USD!

1-Requires plate solver (ANSERVER, Elbrus or Pinpoint)
2-Requires SkySafari application with telescope control (Plus or Pro version). PC running Sequence Generator Pro and wireless device must be on the same local network
3-Requires use of PHD2 auto guider
4-Requires Internet connection
5-Requires purchase of additional Add-on

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