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Our goal is to provide a best-in-class image capture suite for astrophotography. Over the years we have been frustrated by a distinct lack of key features that make life easier under the stars. You have a lot of equipment and sometimes it is difficult to get it all working together. We have written software that is capable of executing complex sequences of capture events which will allow you to spend more time looking up and less time fighting with your rig.

We also feel strongly about providing software at down to earth prices. Let’s face it, astrophotography is expensive! You should be able to focus on the purchase of equipment without worrying about investing a fortune in software to control it .

Sequence Generator Lite - It's Free!

Sequence Generator Pro offers a free 45 day trial of the "pro" version. During the trial, you will have unlimited access to all avaialble features and, when it expires, you can choose to purchase the "pro" version or, if you'd like, the software will automatically convert to the free "Lite" version. The free version will give you full access to all available cameras and filter wheels and, in addition, you will be able to leverage all the power of the pro image sequencer (including automatic diterhing between frames). Click here to find out more (be sure to click the "show more" button at the bottom of the comparison table).

"Pro" Highlights


Create Complex Mosaic Sequences in Mere Minutes

With this tool you can plan complex mosaics in mere minutes and get to imaging quickly. Simply download the image that has your intended target (via the provided interface), rotate to find your camera angle, draw a square around the area of interest and start imaging (the tool will create a sequence for you). It's really that easy... You can also use this tool for single frame images just to ensure that your camera angle is in the ideal position. For more on this, please click here.

Powerful Sequencing

Take advantage of Sequence Generator Pro's powerful sequencing engine. With it you can coordinate a wide variety of equipment including cameras (CCD and Canon DSLRs), color filters, focus controllers and telescopes. String together any variety of targets and events you can imagine in order to capture "light", "dark", "bias" or "flat" frames (you can even use events to define "pause" or "mount park" events).

Sequencing is part of the free Sequence Generator Lite package.


Equipment Profiles

Use our profile manager to make your life easier. Have multiple mounts or scopes? Have multiple sets of filters? Do they require different settings when you create sequences? The profile manager can record these settings and allow you create new sequences from existing profiles. This can be a huge time saver and will get you imaging faster every time!


Auto Focus

Stay in focus even when the temperature doesn't want you to! Our powerful focus metrics will be able to determine proper focus for almost any deep space target. No need to slew off target to find suitable focus stars! Simply start your sequence in good focus and auto focus will take care of the rest!


Automated Meridian Flip

Use our powerful automation to flip your mount and continue imaging on the other side of the meridian! Sequence Generator Pro will automatically stop guiding, flip the mount, center the target within pixels, restart guiding and then resume your imaging sequence. No operator assistance is required.1


Flexible Focusing Patterns

Use our flexible rules engine to define a wide variety of focusing patterns. These patterns can be used as part of the "in-sequence" auto focus routine (i.e. when temperature drops by 1 degree) or as a means to pause your sequence to force manual focus (via a focusing mask or other routine). Define patterns using time, frame intervals, temperature or filter changes.


Target Framing Made Easy

Use our powerful auto centering routines to find your target fast and start imaging! Ideal for multi-night imaging or even after meridian flips, we can get you back on track fast. Simply choose an image you want to center on (it can be your own or even something off the internet!) and with the click of a single button ask your mount to center itself and validate!

Center on Any Part of an Existing Image

With virtually any image that Sequence Generator Pro captures you can use the mouse to point to any area of interest and ask your mount to center itself there... with the click of a single button!

Flat Frames Made Easy

Sequence Generator Pro offers a host of tools to make capture of flats calibration data a breeze! Use the calibration wizard to automatically determine the best exposure length for your gear and then, using the flats wizard, you can automatically add flat frames to your sequence.

Other Features

  • Dither between frames with your choice of three auto guiders (PHD, Astroart and MetaGuide)
  • Easily perform frame and focus routines (with support for subframes and high speed cameras)
  • Feel at home with our highly customizable user interface (drag, dock and float small modules for almost any action)
  • Over a dozen configurable UI modules (PHD graphing, Image Pan and Zoom, TEC control)
  • User defined TEC cool down and warm up routines (to minimize thermal stress on your camera’s sensitive components)
  • Between-frame temperature compensation
  • Easily create and run a “flats” sequences from your “lights” sequence
  • Detailed documentation and instructional videos
  • Near immediate customer support via email or our forum
  • Hundreds of other features!
  • Click here for more details...
1 - Requires use of PHD auto guider by Stark Labs


Sequence Generator Pro is compatible with a wide variety of Astronomy's most popular brands! If you have questions about your gear, feel free to contact us via our forum.

Equipment and Software

  • Compatible with ASCOM (QHY, Atik, Apogee, StarlightXpress and others), SBIG, QSI, FLI, Nikon and Canon EOS Cameras (DIGIC III and up)
  • Compatible with all ASCOM, SBIG and FLI Color Filter Wheels and Focus Controllers
  • Compatible with all ASCOM Telescopes / Mounts
  • Compatible with Pinpoint and Elbrus plate solving software
  • Compatible with PHD, Astroart and MetaGuide auto guiding software
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