Notification System

The notification system add-on will give you peace of mind when imaging. Send status, warning and error via email, text or Good Night System. Setting it up is simple... open the Notification Configuration window, decide what systems (endpoints) you want to use and then select the type of messages that should be sent to that endpoint:

Note: The Notification System is an addon to the Sequence Generator Pro imaging suite. In order to use this product, you need to have licensed copy of Sequence Generator Pro. New users of SGPro can receive a 45 day trial of this product as part of the base trial. Existing users of SGPro can request a trial of this product by opening SGPro and then going to Help->Lisense Information.

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The notification system allows for you to select the categories for messages that should be sent to each endpoint you have enabled. Currently, SGPro supports the followinf types of addons:
  • Status updates: General updates about SGPro's normal activities (taking images, auto focusing, etc...)
  • Alerts: Nothing is wrong with the sequence, but it has stopped awaiting user input (manual focus triggers, etc.)
  • Warning: Sent when the sequence is still running, but something may be wrong (usually sent when the sequence is taking actions to auto recover)
  • Error: Something terrible has happened and the sequence has stopped before you intended
  • Timed Errors: Sent when a timed event (like image integration) hands off control of the sequence to external software (like your camera's driver), but does not hear back from it within a pre-defined period of time (can indicate hardware issues)
  • Heartbeat: This lets you know that SGPro and the sequence are still running (SGPro has not crashed). These messages are sent every 2 minutes and can be helpful if you like to watch your sequence closely during very long exposures (if you don't get a heartbeat message, something is wrong).


You only need to perform setup one time and then you can use the Notification system across all of your imaging sessions. SGPro will attempt to auto fill information for common email providers like Google, Yahoo! and Hotmail. For other ISPs, you will need to look this information up on their website. Simply specify the address to where you want the messages sent, fill in the server and credential information, test and you are ready to go!

The example to the left shows that, if your cell carrier supports it, you can send an email message that is converted and sent to your phone as an SMS message (carrier charges may apply).

Of course, if you prefer, you can send messages straight to a regular email address with no problems at all.

While any email account capable of sending messages via SMTP is supported, SGPro makes setup of the following email accounts a breeze (by auto-filling your server settings). If you use a different provider, you will need to look these values up yourself:
  • Gmail (Google)
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Hotmail (Microsoft)
  • Live (Microsoft)
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